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Recovering from an Emergency

Dumfries and Galloway responders have established a Recovery Working Group which is led by Dumfries and Galloway Council and is an integral part of local responder's emergency management process

Recovery - can be defined as:

The co-ordinated process of rebuilding, restoring, rehabilitating and, perhaps, regenerating communities following an emergency. Its purpose is to minimise their harmful effects on individuals and communities. It is more than a simple remedial activity, replacing what has been destroyed, or recuperation for those affected. It is a complex social and developmental process. The manner in which recovery is undertaken is critical to its success.

Responder organisations will manage recovery in four discrete areas as shown below:

Recovery Diagram

Community Recovery

Local responders will also support local communities to maximise Community Recovery.

A Community Recovery Group is drawn from the wider community. It is recognised that where a community experiences a significant emergency, there is a need to supplement the personal, family and community structures which have been disrupted.

The purpose of such a group is to:

  • reflect community concerns, feelings and initiatives .
  • to assist the affected community towards management of its own recovery.
  • assist in informing the wider community.
  • assist in Impact Assessment of affected community.

Contact Details

Community Resilience
Dumfries and Galloway Council
118 English Street

Tel: 01387 260046

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